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Communication Guidelines

Contact Information

School Office: 01635 248284, office@beedon.w-berks.sch.uk

Alison McDonald, Director of Primaries, headteacher@beedon.w-berks.sch.uk

Chris Prosser, Executive Headteaher, contact via The Downs School 01635 270000

Peter Clark/Craig Norford, Co-Chairs of the Governing Board (please contact via the school office)

 Type of question or concern

Person to contact

Means of communication

Pastoral (e.g. friendship, mild illness)


By telephone before 8.30am,

verbally at the end of school or

phone to make an appointment

Homework/reading books


Classroom incident or playground


Academic progress


Make an appointment via the office for the end of the day

Confidential (e.g. change in homelife, a serious medical issue or a formal complaint)

Director of Primaries or Executive Head

Make an appointment in person or by telephone/email

Quality of teaching and learning

Director of Primaries/ Executive Head

Make an appointment in person or by telephone/email

Trips, clubs, lunches or to request extra copies of letters.

School Office

In person or by telephone/email

Illness or emergency absence from school

School Office

By telephone before 9am on first day of absence

Planned absence from school

Director of Primaries

Holidays are not normally authorised.

Change to the daily routine, e.g. a different adult will collect

Classteacher or school office

In person in the morning or by phonecall/email to office during the day

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