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SEND Information

"Leaders identify pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) accurately. The special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) helps staff to provide pupils with SEND with learning that is closely matched to their needs. Staff strive to ensure that pupils with SEND learn alongside their peers in lessons. Those pupils with more complex needs receive appropriate specialist support." Ofsted December 2021

Pupils with SEN receive a broad balanced curriculum, which ensures continuity and progression and which is adapted to match their needs and abilities.

If a child is deemed to have a special need, a learning difficulty or learning disability, our school does all it can to meet these individual needs. We comply with the requirements set out in the SEN Code of Practice in providing for children with special needs or learning difficulties and will ensure that parents are involved in formulating Support and Achievement Plans (SAPs), if necessary. If a child displays signs of having special needs or learning difficulties/disabilities, his/her teacher will consult with the SENDCo and headteacher. In most instances the teacher is able to provide resources and educational opportunities, which meet the child’s needs within the normal class organisation. If it is thought necessary, the Headteacher or SENDCo may refer the child and parents to the appropriate external agencies (eg; educational psychologists, dyslexia specialists or speech and language therapists) for advice and further assessment of the child.

Admissions for children with Special Educational Needs should be made in the usual way through West Berkshire Council.  If you considering admission for children with Education and Health Care Plans, please contact West Berkshire SEN Team for advice on how to make a change of placement request.

SEND Contacts

Contact our SENCO, Tania Sutton by email tsutton@compton.w-berks.sch.uk or by phone 01635 248284

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