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Our Vision and Values


With Jesus as our role model we are learning to live with:

Service        Friendship        Perseverance       Hope        Forgiveness        Respect

These six special core values help us to love and to learn . . . 

Service Through his teaching Jesus showed us how to love all people. We welcome, and show love and kindness to, all members of our school community and always try to help them in every way we can. We also look beyond into the much wider community so that we have a sense of service to others too. We believe that a child who is shown kindness, is an adult who values service to others.
Friendship Friendship is a very important Christian Value and one that children can relate to through their everyday experiences. The bible tells us that Jesus was a friend to all, regardless of who they were. He taught them that God is our friend and wants us to be like him in our friendships with others. True Christian friends will build each other up emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Friends like to be together simply because it feels good. We receive strength, encouragement, and love from our friends.
Perseverance Jesus taught us that as children beloved by God we are able to harness a deep confidence in ourselves to face and overcome barriers knowing that God is with us, always. Learning to live in our modern world requires us to develop the strength of character to bounce back from adversity, to keep going when things get difficult and to make the right choices even when others do not.
Hope We believe that hope should be present in every aspect of our school life, it is in God’s future for the world. Offering forgiveness, overcoming suffering and the possibility of redemption and new life. (Isaiah 44:22)
Forgiveness What better example of forgiveness is there than Jesus, who loved all people and made a special place in his heart for those who are vulnerable and those who are rejected? Showing forgiveness to others and to ourselves is not just showing sympathy but also requires us to act. We believe that forgiveness enables us to learn, play and live with others in harmony and will encourage us to understand others and ourselves.
Respect Jesus showed humility, constantly laying down his pride and dignity for the good of those he loved. This teaches us that the basic principle of respect, for the value and preciousness of each person, can be shown by treating each person as a unique individual of inherent worth. We also believe that when we have respect for ourselves, it is easy to have respect for others. Everyone in the world has the right to live with respect and dignity, including ourselves.



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